Dev setup guide

26th of April, 2020 in guide

Dev setup guide

Functionnal programming in Scala

2nd of January, 2020 in notes

Functionnal programming in Scala

Raspberry Pi 4 setup guide

24th of September, 2019 in guide

Raspberry Pi 4 setup guide

Asynchronous JS, from hell to exquisiteness

14th of March, 2019 in talk
JSSophia - 14th March, 2019 - Asynchronous javascript, from hell to exquisiteness

Visual Studio Code setup guide

29th of January, 2019 in guide

Visual Studio Code setup guide

Algorithm design

28th of January, 2019 in notes

Reading notes from “The Algorithm Design manual” book written by Steven S. Skiena.

MathJax: Equations for the web

9th of December, 2018 in ui

A JavaScript toolkit for displaying equations, formulas & mathematics in all browsers.

Sass best practices

12th of July, 2018 in design, ui, ux

Reference & summary of Sass best practices

Javascript core features

8th of January, 2018 in guide

Reading notes from You don’t know JS books.

Raspberry pi cluster with Kubernetes

6th of January, 2018 in link

Raspberry pi cluster setup with Hypriot OS & Kubernetes